The new jumpline “Tschina Wild” was planned by Elias Schwärzler and the Bikepark Brandnertal crew and built by none other than Clemens Kaudela. The line consists of a step down, a massive dirt-to-dirt double and a double with a wooden ramp jump and chop landing.

Due to the dimensions of the jumpline, the intersection with the jumpline Tschim Beam, as well as the need to restore the woodchip landing after use, the jumpline is CLOSED TO PUBLIC OPERATION

It is ALWAYS necessary to register a session online in order to use it. The use of this track is only allowed to athletes of legal age, who are physically and mentally able to manage the jumpline. Minors need the written permission of their legal guardians. In addition, the use may only take place when the line is dry!

registration form and disclaimer

This form, in addition to the online registration below, must be printed out, filled out completely, and signed by all session participants and returned to the store prior to the session.
Download registration form and disclaimer

The following requirements must be met by the person(s) responsible for the session.

  • Pre-register session with this online form
  • Submit your disclaimer and registration form signed in the Wallride Shop Tschengla.
  • Opening of all barriers (secured with locks), inspection and check the condition of the track
  • Ensure that an instructor is on site to perform the following tasks:
    – Intersection with Tschim Beam Jumpline: Bike traffic on the “Tschim Beam” jumpline has priority as this line is used in public service. The instructor must ensure that the users of the “Tschina Wild” will start only when the route of the “Tschim Beam“ is free from traffic.
    – Supervise the “Tschina Wild” launch ramp – access and start only for registered session participants.
    – Make sure that the jumpline “Tschim Beam” is free of spectators and obstacles!
  • Ensure orderly push-up beside the track, outside of crash zones and respecting public operations on the “Tschim Beam” jumpline.
  • After the session, lock all barriers again with the padlock
  • Return wood chip landing to original condition on 2nd jump and deposit rake back under launch ramp.
  • Drop off keys at the store or drop them in the mailbox on the balcony on the opposite side from the Bagjump.


The general terms of use of the Bikepark Brandnertal apply. These can be viewed at The Bikepark Brandnertal assumes no liability for personal injury or property damage or damage to third parties.

The person responsible for the session (applicant) takes full responsibility for the requirements stated in the “Registration” section!