Be sure to register online before you arrive. The camping fee must be paid immediately upon arrival at the Wallride Store at the valley station. If the arrival takes place outside the opening hours, the fee must be paid no later than 11:00 am on the following day. Failure to comply will result in an additional fee of €15.00. The online registration is not a pitch reservation. Unfortunately, pitch reservations are not possible.



In the Bikepark Brandnertal we offer parking spaces for “Bikepark campers” on the upper parking terraces. In order to provide a sufficient number of day parking spaces, camping is only allowed on the upper parking terraces, which are signposted accordingly.

Due to the high demand we ask you to park space-saving and to refrain from setting up awnings during the high season and on weekends.

Camping in the bike park is only allowed for visitors with a valid lift ticket.

Unfortunately, a reservation is not possible. If there are no more marked places available, we ask you to use the surrounding campsites. Auf allen anderen Parkplätzen im Bereich des Bikepark ist campen ausdrücklich verboten!Camping is expressly forbidden on all other parking lots in the area of the Bikepark! This is regularly checked by the police and municipality. Violations will be reported to the police. “Wild camping” is not allowed in the region and will also be punished!


Booth fee for adults
EUR 10,00 per person per night
plus EUR 3,00 tourism fee per night per person

Fee for kids (2007 – 2016)
EUR 6,00 per person per night

Kids (2017 und younger) free

Your camping fee is used for a variety of services that are directly related to the camping area (rent of sanitary containers, cleaning, electricity, garbage fees, maintenance, etc.). Only through this contribution it is possible for us to cover the costs of the camping area and to maintain it for you.


Due to the registration law we ask you to register at your arrival in the store “Wallride Mountain & Bike Store” at the valley station (if you arrive after 17:00 please on the following day from 09:00). You can do the “bureaucratic part” of the registration in advance online and check in online.

Camping without registration and payment of the fee is on the one hand prohibited and on the other hand unfair to the other campers and the bike park!


  • Only for bike park users with valid lift ticket
  • Camping only in the designated area
  • Registration and check-in on arrival at the bike store
  • No power generators and open fires
  • No sound systems (also no loud music in the car)
  • strict night rest 22:00 – 08:00
  • WC and showers are open 24h


If the camping area is full, can I stay in the parking lot overnight?2022-03-24T11:58:00+01:00

No, unfortunately not. All other parking areas are subject to a strict night parking ban. This is regularly checked by the police and municipality. Violations will be reported to the police! Please visit one of the other beautiful campsites in the region and stay there overnight. Here you can find campsites in the area.

How much does camping cost and how do I pay for it?2022-03-24T11:56:50+01:00

Here you can find all the details about camping in the Bikepark Brandnertal. The camping fee must be paid in the store at the valley station.

Is open fire allowed on the campsite?2022-03-24T11:56:05+01:00

No. It is ok to use a grill, but open fires are not allowed. Please remember that we are close to the forest and therefore there is sometimes a high risk of fire. Other campers may also be disturbed by smoke and fire. Also, many say that grilling sausages over an open fire is unhealthy.

Is it allowed to have wild parties on the campsite?2022-03-24T11:50:43+01:00

No, you can’t. And this is very important to us – please behave quietly and respectfully towards others and nature while camping. There are also neighbors on the mountains, and they do not want to be disturbed in the evening. Other campers also have a right to their night’s rest from 22:00. Those who do not follow these rules are not welcome on the campsite and will be banned from the premises.

Is music forbidden on the campsite?2022-03-24T11:47:57+01:00

As long as other campground users do not feel disturbed, music at a reasonable volume is ok. By the way, by appropriate volume we do not mean the sonication of the entire campsite, but a volume that is not louder than a normal conversation. Music is not allowed during the night rest from 22:00, no na ned*.

*local phrase for “no-brainer

I have a generator, can I use it in the camping area or parking lot?2022-03-24T11:42:41+01:00

No, this is not allowed . Not even when the battery of your phone is almost empty. You won’t believe it, but we’ve actually seen this happen. In general, you won’t believe what we have already experienced.

Can I camp if I don’t use the bike park?2022-03-24T11:41:35+01:00

No. Overnight stay in the designated camping area is allowed only for owners of a valid lift ticket. In addition, the camping fee must be paid. This is because we have a limited number of pitches and the campsite is specifically for Bike Park users. Please contact another nice campground in the area.

Can I reserve a pitch at Bikepark Camping?2022-03-24T10:56:42+01:00

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Pitches are allocated on a well-established “first come, first serve” basis. Which means as much as: Just come one day earlier to us! When it’s full, it’s full – please switch to one of the surrounding campsites.

Are there sanitary facilities?2022-03-24T10:53:52+01:00

yes, we have shower / WC containers directly on the top parking terrace. These are accessible around the clock on opening days of the bike park. Please keep our sanitary facilitys clean. You will find more sanitary facilities at the valley station.

Can I put up an awning by my Camper?2022-03-24T10:50:52+01:00

Yes and no. So actually no, but if there is not much going on and no one has to turn around due to lack of parking space, then of course that is ok. Pavilions also fall under this regulation. When the campsite becomes more crowded, we ask you to take down the awnings or pavilions to make room for arriving guests. Keep in mind that you may want to visit as well. How great is it then when someone makes some extra space for you. This can also be booked under ‘Good Karma’. Thank you for your help.


Tschengla 5, 6707 Bürserberg


Campingplatz Heidi Bürserberg

Boden 5 - 6707 Bürserberg - 0043 5552 65307
Campingplatz Heidi

Campingplatz Auhof Bürs

6706 Bürs - 0043 5552 67044
Auhof Bürs

Alpencamping Nenzing

Garfrenga 1 - 6710 Nenzing - 0043 5525 624910
Alpencamping Nenzing

Panorama Camping Sonnenberg

Hinteroferst 12 - 6714 Nüziders - 0043 5552 64035
Panorama Camping Sonnenberg
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