Please follow our conditions of use. If you do not find these conditions acceptable, you are not allowed to use the trails of Brandnertal Bike Park. You agree to our conditions of use when buying a ticket or using the trails of Brandnertal Bike Park.

Disclaimer for minors

Minors are prohibited from using the bike park, unless they can present a disclaimer of liability / declaration of consent signed by their legal guardian.

Disclaimer for minors


The sport of mountain biking is associated with the typical dangers for this kind of sport. All bike trail users need to be aware of and acknowledge that both using the trails and practicing this sport can be associated with unusual risks. Even taking greatest care and following the conditions of use cannot guarantee this sport to be risk-free.

Amongst others, risks can result from terrain condition, natural or artificial obstacles, weather conditions, riding mistakes, bad riding skills, overestimating his/her own skills, other people, vehicles or animals and many other factors. These risks can lead to falls including damage to property or bodily injuries (incl. heavy injuries). This does not only concern you and/or your own property, but also other persons and objects of use. The user is responsible for adequately insuring against any risks arising from this kind of sport (e.g. third-party liability, accident, rescue etc).


The use of all bike trails in the Bikepark Brandnertal is exclusively at your own risk. The operator of the bike park does not assume any liability for the trails and slopes to have a specific quality or for the securing of dangerous areas. The users thereby acknowledge that the operator of the bike trails of the bike park Brandnertal comprehensively objects to assume any liability with regards to accidents and/or property to damage.

Only individuals who possess the appropriate mental and physical requirements are permitted to make use of the bike park. It is prohibited to ride in the bike park under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Youths under the age of 10 are only allowed to make use of the bike park when being accompanied by an adult. Youths aged 10-16 are permitted to make use of the bike park and the trails without being accompanied by an adult. In this case, any minors need the permission of their legal guardians for making use of the bike park in any case when buying the ticket. The respective form can be downloaded on “”.

This sport is pursued outdoors, which means that the surroundings are constantly changing. In order to pursue this kind of sport without accident and at the same time avoid excessively straining the natural surroundings, it is necessary to be prepared accordingly, be cautious and show courtesy to all other users and the nature.

In the Bike Park Brandnertal, only the designated trails are to be used. It is prohibited to ride on the terrain outside of the designated areas.

The use is only allowed with proper sports equipment free of defects

The use of a helmet is obligatory in the bike park at all times. Furthermore, the operators strongly recommend to wear a full-face helmet, and other protective gear such as body protectors, elbow and wrist protectors as well as gloves.

All trails are only to be used at an appropriate speed. Adapt your speed to your abilities, the environmental conditions and the road conditions. Generally, all trails have to visibly inspected before using them. Beginners have to consider the possibilities of bypassing many trail obstacles on easier paths. At many trail obstacles – in particular wooden obstacles (jumps, drops) – there is danger of falling!

It is strictly prohibited to walk on or pushing the bike uphill on bike trails, with the exception of forest roads and hiking trails, which are marked as “shared trails”.

The user hereby acknowledges the possibility that there possibly are motorised vehicles on the trails and slopes (in particular agricultural and forestry vehicles). The use of any of those areas with motorized vehicles without a valid usage authorization will be reported without exception.

Oncoming traffic is to be expected on any forest road. Additionally, forest roads can be strongly frequented by other road users. Therefore, drive with caution with your mountainbike or fun sport equipment and show courtesy to other users. This is also valid for any hiking trails marked as “shared trails”.

Everyone has to respect wildlife and their living environment. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to ride on/through or walk through marked safe areas.

For safety reasons, dogs / trail dogs are not allowed on all trails of the Bikepark Brandnertal. In the whole area of the Brandnertal, dogs must be kept on a leash.

Carrying children on child seats, in child carriers or similar devices is not permitted on any of the trails of the Bikepark Brandnertal.

Do not leave your waste (of any kind whatsoever) behind. It is prohibited to pollute the bike park and the surrounding nature in any way whatsoever. The use of so-called “tear offs” (removable liners for glasses) is therefore strictly forbidden.

It is possible that individual trails or segments are closed due to different reasons such as maintenance, events or weather conditions. A reduced range of offers does not entitle to a price reduction or reimbursement of the ticket.

When using the ropeways, the general terms, conditions of carriage and the operating conditions of the Bergbahnen Brandnertal Gmbh shall apply.

Generally, please note: Tickets and passes are not assignable to another party. Lost tickets will not be replaced. It is not possible to reclaim ropeway tickets due to unforeseeable weather conditions (wind, lightning etc) or technical defects of the ropeways leading to a stop in operations. Ropeway tickets can only be reclaimed because of illness or injury. Reimbursement will only be made upon deposit of the ticket at the cash desk including a medical certificate.

All road signs and any instructions given by a staff member on site have to be heeded at all times.

Should these conditions of use be disregarded, we reserve the right to seize the ticket or pass or to ban the person in question from using the bike trails.

All legal disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent court for Bludenz, Vorarlberg (Austria).