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How is the weather in the Bikepark?2022-03-24T13:35:34+01:00

It’s always beautiful in Brandnertal. Even when it rains. Mountain biking is outdoor sport in its purest form, a little mud is simply part of it. Pack weatherproof clothing as well, just to be on the safe side, and you’ll be ready for any eventuality. Now if you still want to know what the weather is like, you can check it out here. Or take a look at our webcams.

What risks do I have when using the bike trails?2023-02-14T15:49:12+01:00

The practice of mountain biking is associated with sport-specific dangers. Users of the mountain bike trails must be aware and take note that riding on the trails or practicing the sport involves risks. Even the greatest possible care and compliance with the terms of use are no guarantee for a risk-free practice of mountain biking!

The risks result, for example, from the terrain, natural or artificial obstacles, weather conditions, driving errors, lack of driving skills, overestimation of one’s own abilities, other people, vehicles or animals, and other factors. Falls with damage to property, body injuries can result from these risks. This concerns not only the own person or objects but also other persons and objects. The user has to take care of a sufficient insurance of the risks connected with the sport practice himself (e.g. liability, accident, salvage, etc.). Find out more in ourterms of use!

What are ‘appropriate preparations’ for visiting the bike park?2022-03-24T13:32:30+01:00

You are suitably prepared for a visit to the bike park if you are in good physical and mental condition, and have already prepared yourself for what awaits you in a bike park. It is also necessary that you have flawless and adequate sports equipment for use in bike parks. The necessary protective equipment must also be available. A helmet is mandatory, but we strongly recommend a full-face helmet as well as other protectors such as an upper body protector, knee and shin protectors.
You can also rent a serviced bike and protectors in our store, you can reserve your gear online.

What is flawless and appropriate sports equipment?2022-03-24T13:30:35+01:00

Your mountain bike must be suitable for the use in a bike park.
We recommend at least 150mm of travel at the front and rear, but the frame and attachments must also be suitable for off-road use. If you are not sure, consult your bike dealer or the manufacturer of your bike.
It is also important that your bike is fully operational and safe to use. Regular service at your trusted dealer ensures this. If you don’t have a trusted dealer yet, then come to the Wallride Store in Rankweil.

Why do routes and obstacles have to be inspected before riding?2022-03-24T13:28:29+01:00

Even if you already know routes – sections are sometimes renewed or completely rebuilt. So it is necessary that on each visit you roll down the routes on the first run, stopping if necessary to look more closely at difficult places to assess the risk as good as possible.

Which obstacles can be easily avoided?2022-03-24T13:12:37+01:00

Basically there is the possibillity of bypassing with every obstacle. Therefore, it is very important and essential to inspect all routes and obstacles before riding.

Why are bike trails not allowed to be ridden uphill when this would be easily possible with an e-bike?2022-03-24T13:11:01+01:00

Uphill driving of all trails is strictly prohibited at any time of the day or night. This could result in serious collisions with serious consequences for injury.

What does “drive on half-sight” mean?2022-03-24T13:09:36+01:00

Drive on half-sight means, that you have the possibility to stop safely at any time, and an oncoming road user (e.g. on forest roads) also has the possibility to stop.

Why are “tear offs” prohibited?2022-03-24T13:07:16+01:00

Because tear offs are often carelessly discarded or unintentionally lost and grazing animals or game could die from them, they are strictly prohibited in the Bikepark Brandnertal. In general, it should be ensured that no trash is left in the mountains. Please take care of nature, take your trash to the valley and dispose it correctly.

Why are lost tickets not replaced?2022-03-24T13:04:12+01:00

Because the finder of a ticket could pass it on. Please make sure that you do not lose your ticket. Stow this in a zippered bag or in your shoe (between insole and shoe). This works great and a shoe is just very rarely lost. In the case of personalized multi-day or season tickets, replacement of the ticket is only possible upon presentation of the invoice and for a manipulation fee of EUR 5.00.

Are you allowed to take shortcuts on trails?2022-03-24T13:02:07+01:00

No, please don’t! Be sure to stay on the marked routes, and do not cut across meadows, pastures, or forest floors. Even if there are people who find so-called “shortcuts” funny – shortcutting hurts the turf and causes great damage as well as soil erosion! Learn more on our Trail Tolerance page.

What happens if I still take shortcuts on trails?2022-03-24T12:59:52+01:00

If you are observed or caught doing so, you must expect that your ticket will be confiscated without replacement. As you can see, it is really important to us that no meadows, pastures or forest ground outside the marked trails are ridden on and thus damaged. In general, please follow our Trail Tolerance rules.

Is it true that sometimes cows lie on the trails and take a nap?2022-03-24T12:58:53+01:00

Yes, that is correct. Together with the local farmers, we decided on the concept of open grazing. Moreover, the grazing animals were there before us, and are allowed to lie down wherever they want. Therefore, please drive at half sight at all times and respect the grazing animals. Brake and just give the lying or standing cow a little space, and ride around. In this case, you may even actually leave the trail briefly, which is normally not allowed. By the way, the cows of Alpe Rona (Tschengla) and Alpe Parpfienz (Brand) produce probably the best cow’s milk you can get. Stop into one of these alps, and order yourself a glass of milk. It does not get fresher than this. If you need more energy, grab the buttermilk.

How old do I have to be to use the bike park?2023-02-14T15:47:17+01:00

Children under the age of 10 are only allowed to use the bike park and the bike trails when accompanied by an adult. Minors are only allowed to use the trails with the consent of the legal guardian.

What should I do if someone is injured?2023-02-14T15:45:02+01:00

Stay calm. Secure the crash site and provide first aid.
Inform the bike park staff via the Bikepark emergency number. Bikepark emergency: +43 650 9514393. We will then organize the further procedure. In the meantime, you can stop other bikers to help you effectively secure the accident scene. Send someone to the nearest emergency sign, these have a position number written on them. This way you can tell the bike park staff the exact position so that someone will be with you as soon as possible.

Is it allowed to camp in the parking lot?2023-02-14T15:43:15+01:00

Camping is not allowed in the parking lot. Due to the renewal of the cable car there is no campsite available in 2023. Please evade to surrounding campsites. Camping on the parking lot at the bikepark is not allowed.

If the camping area is full, can I stay in the parking lot overnight?2022-03-24T11:58:00+01:00

No, unfortunately not. All other parking areas are subject to a strict night parking ban. This is regularly checked by the police and municipality. Violations will be reported to the police! Please visit one of the other beautiful campsites in the region and stay there overnight. Here you can find campsites in the area.

How much does camping cost and how do I pay for it?2022-03-24T11:56:50+01:00

Here you can find all the details about camping in the Bikepark Brandnertal. The camping fee must be paid in the store at the valley station.

Is open fire allowed on the campsite?2022-03-24T11:56:05+01:00

No. It is ok to use a grill, but open fires are not allowed. Please remember that we are close to the forest and therefore there is sometimes a high risk of fire. Other campers may also be disturbed by smoke and fire. Also, many say that grilling sausages over an open fire is unhealthy.

Is the bike park open?2022-03-24T11:54:45+01:00

Here you can find our opening hours. You can assume that the bike park is in operation during these opening hours. We are open even in rainy or changeable weather, because real mountain bikers are also happy about an occasional mud pack. But beware: in case of thunderstorm, snowfall, storm and/or lightning, the park may have to be closed for safety reasons.

I have already called the bike park several times and could not reach anyone. Is the phone broken?2022-03-24T11:53:20+01:00

With high probability, our phone is working properly. But probably right now we are taking care of the customers in the store. Therefore, it is not always possible for us to answer calls, especially during busy periods. Of course, you may also call outside our opening hours. You are also welcome to contact us via the contact form. Correspondence is pretty noble in itself anyway.

Is it allowed to have wild parties on the campsite?2022-03-24T11:50:43+01:00

No, you can’t. And this is very important to us – please behave quietly and respectfully towards others and nature while camping. There are also neighbors on the mountains, and they do not want to be disturbed in the evening. Other campers also have a right to their night’s rest from 22:00. Those who do not follow these rules are not welcome on the campsite and will be banned from the premises.

Is music forbidden on the campsite?2022-03-24T11:47:57+01:00

As long as other campground users do not feel disturbed, music at a reasonable volume is ok. By the way, by appropriate volume we do not mean the sonication of the entire campsite, but a volume that is not louder than a normal conversation. Music is not allowed during the night rest from 22:00, no na ned*.

*local phrase for “no-brainer

I have a generator, can I use it in the camping area or parking lot?2022-03-24T11:42:41+01:00

No, this is not allowed . Not even when the battery of your phone is almost empty. You won’t believe it, but we’ve actually seen this happen. In general, you won’t believe what we have already experienced.

Can I camp if I don’t use the bike park?2022-03-24T11:41:35+01:00

No. Overnight stay in the designated camping area is allowed only for owners of a valid lift ticket. In addition, the camping fee must be paid. This is because we have a limited number of pitches and the campsite is specifically for Bike Park users. Please contact another nice campground in the area.

Do I have to make a reservation if I want to rent a bike or equipment?2022-03-24T11:39:12+01:00

Yes, we recommend that. Especially on weekends or during vacations it’s sometimes busy, and to make sure you get your equipment in the right size, it’s advisable to make a reservation. It’s easy to do online!
Note that the reservation is binding. We ask for your understanding that bikes/equipment not picked up are going to be charged at 100%. Free cancellation is possible until 17:00 the day before exclusively by e-mail at

How can I reserve a bike or equipment?2022-03-24T11:37:06+01:00

Reserve your bike and protective equipment quick and easy online. Payment is then made on site upon pickup.
Note that the reservation is binding. We ask for your understanding that bikes/equipment not picked up are going to be charged to 100%. Free cancellation is possible until 17:00 the day before exclusively by e-mail at

I have reserved a bike, when do I have to pick it up?2022-03-24T11:34:24+01:00

Reserved bikes and equipment must be picked up no later than 10:30 am on the first day of rental. Note that the reservation is binding. We ask for your understanding that bikes/equipment not picked up are going to be charged. Free cancellation is possible until 17:00 the day before exclusively by e-mail at

How can I pay for reserved equipment?2022-03-24T11:32:03+01:00

You can pay directly on site in CASH and with all major cards (Maestro, VISA, Mastercard, etc.). American Express Karten are not accepted.

Do I have to be careful with my rental bike?2022-03-24T11:30:52+01:00

Yes, please. We want to offer a great product to the next customer as well. Therefore, please handle the equipment we provide you with care and return it to us just as you would like to receive it. Intentional damage is also not covered by any insurance.

If I damage a rental bike, do I have to pay for it?2022-03-24T11:28:14+01:00

Yes, in general, any damage or defect caused to the rental equipment must be paid by the renter. All rental items are checked by our staff before the handover and also after return. There is the optional possibillity to take our material insurance when renting our equipment.

Can I insure a rental bike?2022-03-24T11:25:32+01:00

Yes, either you have a suitable insurance yourself or you use the possibility to book an insurance with us. Our insurance covers damages and repairs up to a value of EUR 300,00. If the damage and the necessary repair exceed this amount, the difference shall be paid by the renter. Consequential damage caused by continued use of the bike after a defect is not covered by the insurance!

When do I have to return borrowed items?2022-03-24T11:23:55+01:00

All rental items must be returned to the respective issuing location no later than the following time:

Rental Wallride Tschengla, Bürserberg: 4:45 p.m.
Rental Wallride Brand: 16:30 h

Do I have to wash my bike before returning it?2022-03-24T11:22:32+01:00

Yes, please. This is necessary so that we can briefly check the bike for defects. Therefore, wash the rental bike at the washing station before returning it – we will do the final cleaning. Heavily muddy knee protectors or helmets must also be cleaned before being returned.

Why does it sometimes take a long time to get my equipment in the morning?2022-03-24T11:21:02+01:00

Sometimes we get very busy in the store. Nevertheless, we try to take good care of every single customer and provide optimal advice to everyone. Therefore, there are sometimes waiting times. Thank you for your understanding.

What happens if I have a defect with a rental bike?2022-03-24T11:20:10+01:00

Please come directly to the store then, so we can fix the damage. If damage is not repaired immediately, this can result in costly consequential damage! If you have a flat tire or the bike is damaged in any other way that could cause consequential damage, we ask you to push the bike. This is because consequential damage is also not covered by the optional material insurance.

Do I get a replacement bike if my rental bike is defective?2022-03-24T11:19:07+01:00

If the repair is not possible within a reasonable time, you will receive a replacement bike if one is available in your size, so you can get mobile again quickly.

How long does a repair take if my rental bike is defective?2022-03-24T11:17:57+01:00

We do our best to get damaged rental bikes back up and running as quickly as possible. The duration of a repair can vary greatly depending on the damage. In most cases, damage is repaired within 30 minutes.

Do I have to make a reservation if we want to ride the funsport equipment as a group?2022-03-24T11:17:01+01:00

Yes, we recommend that. Reservations are already possible from a group size of 6 people. There is a limited amount of funsport equipment, and to make sure you don’t need to wait long, please reserve your funsport experience in advance using this form.

Are children allowed to drive their own kart?2022-03-24T11:15:14+01:00

Yes, if they are already 10 years old and safely reach the footrests. The minimum age is therefore 10 years, under 14 years only in the company of an adult supervisor. Under the age of 16 only with a signed liability waiver from the parent or guardian. Children under 10 can ride on the lap of an adult. You can find more details in our terms of use.

I have a rather high body weight, can I ride with a fun sport device?2022-03-24T11:09:05+01:00

The maximum permissible body weight is 120 kg. If an adult accompanying person takes a child on the lap, the sum of the body weights must also not exceed 120 kg.

Where can the fun sports equipment be rented?2022-03-24T11:07:35+01:00

Fun sports equipment can be rented exclusively at the Bikeshop at the valley station of the Einhornbahn II.

Is it possible to pick up the fun sports equipment at the top station after a hike?2022-03-24T11:07:03+01:00

No, unfortunately that is not possible. There are karts and helmets in different sizes and a safety training for each participant. Therefore, it is necessary that karts are rented at the valley station of the Einhornbahn II and also returned there immediately after the ride.

Can we make a stop during the fun sports trip?2022-03-24T11:05:06+01:00

No, unfortunately, this is not possible, because probably the next guests are already waiting for a mountain cart or mountain roller. Imagine you are this next guest who has to wait. With these thoughts in mind, the snack doesn’t taste good anyway. Therefore, the duration of use of the fun sports equipment is limited to 30 minutes per round.

Is the usage of fun sports equipment dangerous?2022-03-24T11:02:40+01:00

Be sure to follow the instructions you recieve during the safety briefing. Following these consistently can reduce the risk of an accident. Nevertheless, accidents can never be ruled out. Therefore, do not take unnecessary risks and ride sensibly. You can find more details in our terms of use.

Is there a measurement of time on the funsport course?2022-03-24T10:59:33+01:00

No, there is no timing, because the funsport track is not a race track! Other road users such as hikers, families with children, mountain bikers and also motorized vehicles are also on this road, and can come towards you. Therefore, always drive slowly, sensibly and in half-sight! Also, follow all instructions in the safety briefing you will receive before your ride.

How to reserve your rental equipment2022-03-24T10:58:02+01:00

Launch the reservation tool, and complete the following steps:

  • Choose your desired start date for your reservation

  • Choose your pickup station (you have to return your bike here as well)

  • Now add the desired rental item to the shopping cart and configure it. You can then add more items to the same booking.

  • Provide your contact details

  • Payment is made at pickup on site in cash or with all major debit/credit cards (excl. American Express).

  • Done! You will recieve a reservation confirmation by e-mail. Bring them to the pickup station, printed or digital.

Can I reserve a pitch at Bikepark Camping?2022-03-24T10:56:42+01:00

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Pitches are allocated on a well-established “first come, first serve” basis. Which means as much as: Just come one day earlier to us! When it’s full, it’s full – please switch to one of the surrounding campsites.

Are there sanitary facilities?2022-03-24T10:53:52+01:00

yes, we have shower / WC containers directly on the top parking terrace. These are accessible around the clock on opening days of the bike park. Please keep our sanitary facilitys clean. You will find more sanitary facilities at the valley station.

Can I put up an awning by my Camper?2022-03-24T10:50:52+01:00

Yes and no. So actually no, but if there is not much going on and no one has to turn around due to lack of parking space, then of course that is ok. Pavilions also fall under this regulation. When the campsite becomes more crowded, we ask you to take down the awnings or pavilions to make room for arriving guests. Keep in mind that you may want to visit as well. How great is it then when someone makes some extra space for you. This can also be booked under ‘Good Karma’. Thank you for your help.



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